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Engineering Industry

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Engineering IndustryEngineering and technology sector is the largest evolving and developing sector of the country. It can be classified into heavy engineering and light engineering. The Indian engineering sector has been progressing on the account of increased internal consumption and developed technological reforms. This has invoked interest in both inbound and outbound across the border Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). Heavy engineering has been highly and proficiently structured and technology tugged.

Being blessed with a highly disciplined team of workers and researchers at Global Consultancy Services working in different sectors of engineering like metals, plastics, heavy and light engineering, textiles, chemicals etc. Global Consultancy Services is determined to assist this sector with its full zeal. Consultants at Global Consultancy Services are expertise in specific spheres as they have experienced the core industries in their starting years. They are well aware of the changing requirements for the manpower hiring for this composite sector. In this sector, we have recruited over 500 professionals in Indian and outside in leading corporate houses in last one year..