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Medical Health Care

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MEDICAL HEALTH CAREMedical sector is a very significant sector for any country. Global Consultancy Services has been working in this field from a very long time and has been recruiting efficient and adept Medical and pharmaceutical personnel in all the government run medical institutions and hospitals under Ministry of Health, Government of India and other well known medical institutions in India. We recruit Specialists, super-specialists, General Doctors, dentists, paramedics which includes nurses and technicians in hospitals.

Our HR team is highly knowledgeable and well aware of all the departments of Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmacy to match the candidature with the exact requirements of the client. Nurses and technicians are also recruited according to their experience and knowledge about specific field. Before the recruitment all the education certificates, experience certificates and testimonials are verified exhaustively by the respective government departments before appointment. India is growing exponentially in the medical sector with the advancement of technology.